High Speed Steels
       Type of Special Steel
       High Speed Special Steel Specification/Heat Treatment
 Other New Materials

High Speed Steels
Clean Steels    Fine Steels
CleanSteels Raw materials of high purity and refined quality by our unique process and latest technology. FineSteels The chemical composition and structure of the steels are carefully considered to produce good harden ability, machine ability and grind ability as well as toughness, wear and heat resistance.

High Quality Steels Reliable Steels

Steel qualities are assured by precise instrumentation control and stringent inspection.

HighQualitySteels As a general manufacturer ourselves, using the steels and additional information's feedback by other users enable us to produce steels of highest reliability. RealiableSteels

Other New Materials       

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Alloy Tool Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Bearing Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Die Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) High Carbon Stainless Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Gauge Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Special Carburized Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Special Tough Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Hardened Steel

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Special Steel Casting

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Powder Metallurgy Product

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Coating Treatment

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Diamond

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) CBN

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Cermet

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) Carbide

ct_bull.gif (849 bytes) New Ceramics

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